Work with Us

Manifold is an Open Source Research & Development Lab building State of the Art AI systems. We engage with the broader community, including open source organizations, academic labs, and industry research teams. We're primarily focused on our research directions, but are also open to new opportunities and ideas.

Interested in working with us? We've outlined some of the ways we work with collaborators and partners on different kinds of projects below.

🚀 OS Research Collaborations

We primarily focus on doing highly impactful fundamental research, and are interested in collaborating on building new Open Source SotA models & other AI research ideas for the community. Please reach out to us on Discord or via email.

🤖 Partnerships & Research Contracting

We also partner with organizations across Industry and Government interested leveraging our research and expertise to build new kinds of AI systems at scale in different real world domains. Examples of these include building custom SoTA models and AI Agents on new, often proprietary data.

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